“Paul has an ability to interpret energy and give spiritual counsel and direction with an amazing quality of precision, wisdom and insight! This is tempered, informed and grounded beautifully by his wealth of experience, intelligence, natural intuitive talent and his wonderful kindness and compassion. I can’t recommend him highly enough! “

– Christopher McGann (2015)


“I went to Paul as I was so lost and tired of the plodding along in life with no destination in sight.  A little nervous and not knowing what to expect, I was met with a warm open welcome. Paul starting the reading straightaway and immediately I relaxed.  He shares everything in such a gentle and sensitive way. I found it wonderfully insightful.  The comfort and help it has brought has truly been life changing. He gave me the gentle nudge, and the light of awareness, needed to start living a more fulfilling life. He was so on point with his reading and messages from my spirit guides. He shared something only the deepest part of me could know.I have embraced what I learned that day with Paul. All of my loved ones have noted the amazing change in me. In six months I have grown more than I have in years and really taken on a new passion for life. I have changed careers, starting a degree in my dream job and I am setting off on an adventure to India.  I am more grounded and present and am armed with a new self-belief. I feel for the first time in years I am reaching for the stars. I feel so hopeful and grateful to be on this wonderful journey called life. Paul has a wonderful gift and his guidance has proved the catalyst I needed to get back into the flow of life. I would whole-heartedly recommend anyone out there who needs some encouragement, hope and guidance to go see Paul.

Thank you Paul.”

-Niamh, 34, Dublin Ireland (2016)


“I have been for quite a few psychics readings over the years with various different practitioners, some good, some not so good, but during my recent meeting with Paul Buggle, it was clear to me within the first two minutes of our session that his gift is truly exceptional and that I was in for an amazing experience.  On first sitting down with him and without any input from me, information from the spirit world poured out of Paul (I was so glad I had pressed record on my phone!) and all the information that flowed out of him was spot on.  Paul was very specific and could not be considered ‘general’ in any way, especially concerning details about my past, present, likes, dislikes, thoughts, behavior and current struggles.  

During the session, I received direct messages from my spirit guides, telling me what I needed to do in order to achieve my goals.  My experience was so much more than a psychic reading.  Yes, I did get specific details about my future and all that is possible for me which was both exciting and thrilling to hear, however, of more benefit to me personally was the in depth look at my life as it is now and receiving specific information from the spirit world advising me of what I need to do going forward for my current situation to improve.  For that morning, I was fortunate enough to get a glimpse of the “instruction manual” for life that we all wished we had at some point!!  I highly recommend Paul to anyone who is curious about their future, but more importantly for anyone who needs insight into how to fix what does not seem to be working in life at the moment and for guidance from the spirit world on how to achieve your goals.   In short, a truly enriching and amazing experience that I was privileged to receive.  Thank you Paul!”

-Roisin Sullivan (2015)

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