Paul Buggle

Physic Intuitive Healer

“I help people on their spiritual path. When I work I blend with their spirit so I can understand their predicament. This brings through a lot of information and healing. In a reading, which can take up to an hour or more, I communicate with spirit guides and loved ones who have passed over. I never know what will happen in a reading: everyone is unique. It works on many levels, answers questions and brings about balance and harmony. It is always enjoyable and often profound.”

About Myself


It wasn’t until 1991 I realized I had any intuitive ability.  Before that I had a very difficult time.  I was very confused and unhappy.  However, something new was emerging in me. Luckily I got the help I needed as an intuitive explained what was happening. Earlier in my life, there were times when I knew people were not being true to themselves.  I could not understand how their thoughts and words did not match. I didn’t see this as anything special but it made me quite uncomfortable and I had no understanding what I was doing. I had a couple of psychic experiences as a child seeing colours and energies, which I enjoyed. I’ve never been afraid of the spiritual world.  I accept it is there a part of life, though at times it seems not to impact our daily lives.

I became attuned to Reiki in 1991.  As soon as I did I became aware of guides.  A door to the spirit world opened before me.  A part of me came to life and made more sense.  I now had a purpose and a quest to explore this new side of myself.  I had always been interested been interested in alternative lifestyles and philosophy from a young age. I never really fitted in to the norm, which bothered me at times. I always had to explore and find new ways of doing things.  Then it made sense I had to find my way on my own.  I now see it as guidance.  All the difficulties I have been through are part of learning.  I needed these to prepare me for the role of the intuitive and to be able to communicate with spirit.

I spent two years in a new age community dedicated to meditation, healing and self-growth. After that I spent a summer in the Aura Soma center learning about the meaning of colour, cooking and being of service in both these communities.

There are times when you are drawn to a place.  You feel you have no choice but to go there. The energy of the place and the people you were meant to meet have an effect on you and are all part of your development.

I joined a psychic development circle for a year.  The practice helped me to become a medium and spent some (at-delete) time training in mediumship.

I trained mostly on my own and in some psychic development circles. These eventually lead for my mediumship to be evaluated at the Arthur Finley College.   I have become more attuned over the years.  And every year brings new perceptions and discoveries.  Spirit is always showing me new ways to work and help.

 Lovingly yours,

Paul Buggle


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