An Intuitive Supper

An evening with Paul the intuitive.

I invite you to share my gifts of the spirit combined with my love of cooking.  A two-course meal with like-minded people will be served in a beautiful setting.  I have years of experience cooking for many spiritual gatherings.

It will be a small group of eight, where each person will get a message from spirit. This will be given in the group, so it is a shared experience.

The information will be personal. It’s given in a way that is respectful, not intrusive.  It is helpful to be open and let ourselves be seen and sharing a group experience that is meaningful and sacred.

We forget that we are all connected, that we are all on this journey together, a shared experience can give us a lift and help us to have strength and trust in our spirit.


The next supper dates to be announced:

 Time: 6:30pm Location: Blackrock, Dublin 

More dates to come!

A Typical Session

A reading can take up to an hour and a half. I blend with your spirit and communicate with your higher self, guides and sometimes loved ones. In the first part of the session I go into mediumship where I read the aura and energy blocks. Whatever is out of balances revealed and the reason why. I see and share what has happened in this life and other lives, the karma and lessons, then a glimpse into the possible future. There is no telling what will appear. It very much depends on what is needed by your spirit to help you have a better awareness of your self on your path. A reading can be helpful over a long period of time up to a year or more.  However, you may decide to come back sooner.  As your perception changes more insight is needed. Several readings over time can piece together your story.  They have energy and activate the healing process.

We have layers to clear within ourselves. These layers relate to our experiences that we have not fully transcended and integrated and stay dormant until we are ready to let them go and move to the next layer. We all have feelings and perceptions that we don’t understand about our selves.  The information in a reading can bring about an awareness of yourself you knew but could not put your finger on. We are a great and wonderful mystery, a combination of the human and spiritual.  It can be hard to be objective and see what is really there. Thus a reading is an exploration of that essence that is you.

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